Families in Dansehagen Open Kindergarten Autumn 2021

Registration form

Dansehagen Open Kindergarten starts up again on 23rd of August.

We will continue as before with a preregistration before showing up in Dansehagen. We do not have drop in.

The families who are interested to come, make appointments in advance with the leader of Dansehagen:

Enter the registation form (at the front page here) This has to be done, latest, the day before you would like to come.

Or by sending an e-mail to post@dansehagen.com latest, two days before you would like to come.

The leader will then, give you an answer and welcome you.

In that way, the employees, can have a supervision, a shedule, telling who is coming each day.

We are obliged to know the number of families in the event of fire, or a covid-19 infection trace.

We follow the recomendations that is given by the authoryties, now following the green level measures.

We adjust our offer to the children, the parents and our staff-resourses and -conditions, and to our premises.

The pandemi is not over so we have to continue infection control measures that we are used to:)

-We have to be well when coming to the kindergarten

-We continue washing and desinfect our hands and surfaces

-We try to keep a distance to each other if possible

-We have to stay home, even with mild illness symptoms.

The authoryties sais:

Children,Parents/parents guardiens and employees with respiratory sympoms

Children, parents/care-person and employees with new respiratory symptoms, feeling sick symptoms, are not going to attend to the kindergarten, even with mild illness symptoms. This means also for people who are vaccinated. Testing is recomended. FHI website will give us updated advises about children and adults who are ill.

The autoryties also tell to stay at home until the general condition is good. Children, parents/carepersons and employees can come back to the kindergarten when they have got negative test, and feel well without fever, thoug with a rest after the respiratory symptoms..(some snot slightly stuffy nose, slight cough)

Children, parents/parents guardiens or employees who are in insulation or quarantine are not coming to attend the kindergarten.

Safety and health are still an important focus.

The authoryties will go for green level measures. We will gathering as one group.

The government has recommended to spend time out in the nature. We wish to use our neighbourhood one of the days outdoor.

During the pandemic time we have found two nice places nearby. We have got to know them better and we look foreward to explore it even more together with the children and the parents.

Indoor we will offer activities for children with their carepersons in both dancehalls. Arts and crafts among other things at our big table.

There will also be entertaining-activities on the floor; songs, music, rhymes, storys etc.

Children, parents and the employees are coming together, and at the same time we practise to keep a kind of distance when possible.

We will have thoughtful hygienic measures.

Together we have to cooperate about hygienic routines, about nice playing/meeting-time, and keep a kind of distance to each other.

We will have posters that reminds that we have to be well when coming to Dansehagen.

Disinfection equipments for hand and surfaces will be placed by the entrance doors, by the two wardrobes, in the dance-halls/playing halls, in the kafeteria area, and in the bath room.

Families coming at the same time will be helped to use the two entrance doors. One family will use the sliding door, and one family will use the other entrance door. The employees will welcome!

Each family wash/disinfect hands when arriving, before and after a meal, after toilet visit, and when going out/home.

We have prepared the cleaning of the premises together with our maintenance/cleaner in these multipurpose location, (that we share with Nord-Jæren Sportsdanseklubb)

We have made toys/equipment ready for use.

To open up the comunity, to be together in a group

and at the same time keep up with the routines like washing hands often, keep a distance between each other is a very demanding balance to hold,

and that we have to practice together with each other, and that we have to learn.

Welcome to Dansehagen

Best regards

Mariann Eltervaag