Dansehagen open kindergarten

Bikubå, Hillevågsveien 70, 4016 Stavanger, Tel. 93258128
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 09.00- 14.30

Dansehagen is an open kindergarten for children from 0-6 years
accompanied by a care person; mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, nanny…
Dansehagen is for everybody who wants to be with friends.

Welcome to Dansehagen open kindergarten!

Dansehagen open kindergarten was established in autumn 2003. You will find us in Bikubå Hillevågsveien 70. We are located in the premises of the North Jæren Sportsdance club. The entrance is normally by Hillevågsveien. If you come by car you have to use the entrance by our large car park located on the back of the building.

The kindergarten is run accordingly to the Norwegian “Laws about kindergartens”, and the rules that are decided by the departments.

Mariann Eltervaag who is a pre-school teacher, special-need-teacher as well as the activity leader in dance, owns Dansehagen.

Together with the teaching staff; Liv Hilde Ueland Maarnes, Åse Bjelland and Elisabeth Gudmundsen it is a wish to develop the kindergarten , according to intensions (cf. annual plans) and in cooperation with the users wants and needs. There is also a committee, with some parents, who are helping to promote the kindergarten’s daily content.

We welcome you to:

  • – a meeting place where children and adults are happy with each other in meaningful days.
  • – a place where children through play, activity and interaction can have positive development.
  • – a place where adults can have the opportunity to share experiences of small children with other parents.
  • – a place where adults are given the opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration to the task as parents/care person.
  • – a place where the Norwegian heritage is taken care of, and where we can gain insight into other cultures.

The operation of an open kindergarten, assumes that all the users enter as «employees» and take part in working with the employees. This means among other things that you are responsible for the supervision of your own children, and that you in various ways contribute to creating job satisfaction and community, so that everyone feels respected and welcomed in the kindergarten.

A permanent plan for the day

A permanent plan for the day, a daily rhythm, helps to create predictability and therefore safety for children. We have thought using the following schedule:

  • 9:00 – 13:00 Welcome to the game and activity; Hall 2
  • 10:15 – 11.00 Gathering; singing and dancing; Hall 1
  • 11:00-13:30 Various activity in an obstacle-track; Hall 1
  • 11:30 – 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 We clean up hall 2
  • 13:40- 14.20 Gathering; singing and moving to rythm/music–fruit/vegetables/ – thank you for today!

Gathering and dancing:
We gather today’s young and old to enjoy a moment where we want to stimulate the body and senses. Songs with movements, songs with accompanying pictures, rhymes / rules, ring games and music and movement/dance, contribute to achieve this. We try to pay attention to the individuals mind today, and «listen to» the children’s needs.

We will from time to time focus a little on a current theme, and for instance show different kinds of concrete-things, or to do simple dramatization together with the children.
It is impossible to achieve schemes that inspire everyone at all times. The adult therefore helps to create awareness. If some of the children are too troublesome, or need to do something else, children are welcome to play / eat food / rest in the other rooms.

Play and activities:
The child learns something about itself and the environment when it is with other children and adults in play and activity. It is therefore important that we

give the children time, space and someone to play with in addition to encouragement and support.

It is you and your child who decides which games / activities you will participate in. What is important is that together we can create a fun friendly and positive environment with room for joy and humour. For this reason it is very important that you have an active and interested approach to the child in play and in various «here and now» situations.

The meal should be a pleasant time; therefore we try to have common rules:-all eat at the same time, (some maybe need to eat before.)-We sit at the table when we eat-all sit at table 10 -15 minutes, to give each peace to eat and good habits,-Each clean up after themselves, throwing garbage.  Remember: No food and drinks in the dance-halls.

A little about the rules / procedures:
Children need security. Rules create confidence when it is practiced with care. It is natural and understandable that the children sometimes protest. Children are different, and there is always a reason why they behave as they do. Both children and adults have their bad days and periods, and then we all would need some extra support.

The routines in Dansehagen may be different than at home, but if kids get explanations of the various schemes, they are often far more tolerant, and understand that the rules / procedures are different.

Worth to know about practical things:

  • All children and adults must have slippers / sandals / socks on. We have two wardrobes. Wet boots / rain gear must stay with the prams.
  • Just inside the outer hall, we have a notebook at the counter where users register. It is free of charge in Dansehagen.
  • There will also be the bulletin board with the monthly plan, weekly schedule and other information, scroll. fire instructions that everyone must be familiar with.
  • Next to the bulletin board hangs a «bookshelf» where we have available literature (books / booklets) that may be relevant when you have children in the family.
  •  Users can come and go as they wish during opening hours.
  • In the dressing room there is changing table with sink. Diapers must be properly closed before they are thrown in the trashcan. Poop nappies must be placed inside plastic bags before they are discarded.
  • You are responsible for your own possessions, so take good care of any valuables.
  • If the toys and equipment breaks or becomes damaged, please let us know.
  • We eat lunch together, so bring both the food and beverage, and something to drink from.
  • Sick children can not be in kindergarten.
  • Kindergarten follows the school vacation and holidays.

To let Dansehagen be a place where children and adults enjoy themselves:
Think about that strangers are friends you do not know. Dare to be the first to make contact.

When there are new children and adults here in kindergarten, they are welcomed and we are happy to show them around the room.

Know where you have your baby. It is your responsibility to take care of your own children.
If you have to go to the toilet or something else, ask another adult to supervise your children while you are away.

Tell your child where you are and who will look after it. This gives the child confidence.

It is you and your child that decide what activities / games you want to join in. Help your child to express their own desires and to try new things.
Ask us if there are any questions. We respond if we can.

Tell us if you have any ideas and thoughts. It is important for our further planning work that we know your wishes. Then we get a wider range to choose from when we decide things.

Attention! If staff or users (parents / children / care persons) travel to, or have stayed in, countries where there is a risk of tuberculosis infection, we ask that they take a health tuberculosis control before returning to kindergarten.


  • Have an active and interested attitude
  • Help the child start with the game, or play. Many will need adult help and motivation to get started and to venture on new activities.
  • Contribute with toys and equipment that are in kindergarten.
  • Contribute with questions / chat to keep the game running.
  • The child may also need your guidance to clear up misunderstandings or disputes between themselves and others: What happened? Come up with some proposed solution or let the kids even suggest something, but try to achieve something that is fair for both parties. Both probably have to give something up. (How did it go?) Be aware that there is no definitive answer. Each one must consider the situation they are in.
  • Talk to the adults who are near you. I believe and hope that the dealings between the adults and between children and adults are much more meaningful when we are «present» and engaged in what is happening around us. Try to find a balance between the presence of kids and adult fun.
  • Remember to encourage your child when it does something good. Praise reinforces positive actions.
  • Help your child to clean up after themselves and take care of the toys. That way your child learns something about responsibility. Make sure you clear a bit before you go.
  • When you’re doing arts and crafts activities, it is wise to sit down beside the child the whole time. Then it becomes easier to talk together about what is
  • happening, and the child will enjoy the work much longer than one would expect.

Get happy with more tips!

We wish the best for our kindergarten, and it is important that we stand together.

Adult Contacts and user calls.
The informal, daily contact that happens between the adults and between adults and us, will be the main contact form in an open kindergarten.

Sometimes you may need to call in more detail about the individual child or the adult’s life situation. Then it may be advantageous to make an appointment in advance.

Please contact us if you have questions, small or large. Together we can encourage the child either in terms of language development, way to play with others, preparation for school etc.

Dansehagen open kindergarten
A kindergarten we are fond of!
A kindergarten with people in development!
Welcome as a collaborator and fellow human being!

Mariann Eltervaag
Pre-school/special-need teacher


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